09 July, 2007

I'm not dead yet...

I am not dead. It's been a rough week or two here. Rough enough I got an EEG this morning (and CT friday). As far as I can tell, it looked pretty normal, but then, I'm not a neurologist. If you want additional details, you know how to reach me.

In other news, there seems to have been a spike in the rifle market. The Army is expecting to spend $16k on each of them. I mean, that number could include disposing of the busted ones, but the soldier's trained. So there's no salary or anything in there. Schoomaker actually said that they really needed to replace all their M16's with the M4 (which is really the M16A4 Carbine). Presumably the SDM-R will retain the longer barrel, and here's to hoping that the XM107 and the M1 are still in the field. There are just some things that a 5.56 can't do.

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