27 August, 2007

Cops, again

This time, the DCA Transit Police:

Listen, you and I both know your car didn't come with that loud muffler and spoiler package. I'm not going to give you a ticket today — be quiet! — but you get out of here!

I offered to drive him to the dealer. I got out of the car to pop the hood and show him that red intake manifold and intercooler that also obviously didn't come with the car. I reached for the owners manual. At all points, I was stymied. Don't you dare tell me the truth, citizen, while I'm busy slapping my nightstick across your face! Makes me sick. This and Mr. You're-Going-To-Prison make me wonder why I ever had any faith in the police at all. Not that Alexandria PD and the DC Transit police are exactly shining examples of provincial authority. It's just that I kind of expect them to try not to suck. This stupid-and-proud business is more befitting LAPD than what are ostensibly police in one of the country's oldest cities (or, indeed, the country's capitol).

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