01 October, 2009

Fate of the hammer

While we are (and by me, I mean my wife) terrorizing Arlington on the gixxer, the Hammer has officially changed hands. We are now a one-bike family, with the war chest to buy on the cheap this winter. She is thinking Ducatis, I am thinking BMW's, but the sad truth of the matter is that both of us would have bought the Gixxer Thou', were it not for the stupendous insurance rates. The BMW and Duc bikes are a lot cheaper to insure because I suppose there are fewer hooligans on them.

Another note given to me by my insurance company is the reason our policy is so much despite our driving records is that (according to Geico) the Subaru STI is the #1 most damage-causing vehicle they insure. He went on, "think about all the honda accords out there, and how few of these STI's are. Yet, they dwarf the amount of damage done to both their cars and other cars compared to even the car next down on the list (#2), which he declined to identify.

So, along with having the very-evil STI, it would seem Geico just isn't real happy about us owning a Japanese litrebike, but they're cool with us buying a 1300cc self-proclaimed "streetfighter" from Ducati or BMW, or even Bimota.

At least now, with the Hammer sold, we do have the war chest to go out and buy pretty much whatever we damn like. I am leaning towards a K1200R. I think Wifey wants an 800 Dark Ducati. She likes the 848 and 1098/1198 (who wouldn't?), but is prepared to admit that it's Too Fucking Expensive. If the R800R comes to the US as a 2010 model, I will be very interested in that bike.

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