05 January, 2010


We've developed a problem in the house. Somewhere, common houseflies are reproducing. We're not sure where. It could be any of a number of plants, and because of the hydroponics setup, we also have a number of places where there is (mostly) static standing water. However, I'm not going to cull any of my babies on account of flies.

Today I came up with the solution (hopefully the solution, not just a solution): carnivorous plants. Turns out there are a number of people growing them in hydroponics and there's a fairly healthy industry of cultivators and distributors (though nothing even remotely as active as orchids and cannabis cultivators).

I've been thinking about this some, and it occurs to me I have an opportunity to create an ecosystem rather than just another hydro tank. I'm picturing a shallow fish tank with aquatic plants and goldfish being used as the nutrient solution, and plants with expectation of poor or no nutrients (e.g., orchids and the carnivores) suspended into it via grow buckets. I still haven't quite figured out how to work that, and it almost certainly requires use of lighting (which I kind of don't want because it's hot and it costs money). It works out to be a pretty simple closed-loop ecosystem, and with a heating pad or two, I think I can even get everyone to agree (maybe even my truculent fern!) that it's tropical. ish.

And so it would seem that 2010 is the year when my garden fights back, taking sides with the humans. Not that it had much choice, heh.

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